Buttons and Lines as Streamed on Mixer MakeCode Channel

This video was live streamed on Mixer MakeCode channel https://mixer.com/MakeCode.

Kaleidoscope Starter Version

This show describes building from scratch a starter version of Kaleidoscope. In it the player selects several colors using the colored buttons. After the player has selected colors, the program displays a new Kaleidoscope pattern. This the program as described in the video can be download and run by pasting the URL below into MakeCode Arcade Import-URL dialog.


Kaleidoscope Full Version

Two posts describe the full version of Kaleidoscope: https://wecodemakecode.com/2019/08/06/kaleidoscope-in-makecode-arcade/ and https://wecodemakecode.com/2019/10/17/code-for-kaleidoscope-in-makecode-arcade/.