Missing Monsters in MakeCode for Minecraft Education Edition


This program, which we’ll dub “Missing Monsters,” is designed to test that monsters spawn as they should in MakeCode for Minecraft Education Edition. As of this writing, only Shulker, Vindicator and Evoker spawn correctly. When trying to spawn a ghost, something pink appears briefly; however, no ghost is spawned. All the other monsters simply do not spawn. When the post Monster Showtime in MakeCode for Minecraft was published, all monsters spawned as expected in MakeCode for Minecraft on Windows 10.

Using the Missing Monsters Program

Missing Monsters offers the following 3 on-chat commands:

  • run
  • go
  • ghosts


The run command is used first. It will cause “ready to go” to be printed in the sky. The player should face so that “ready to go” can be seen.


The go command is used after the player is positioned  so that the sky printing is visible. After the go command, the player need not be moved — hands off.  Each monster will be separately spawned with its name written in the sky. To allow for viewing time, there is a brief wait after each monster. Each monster’s name will be printed in the sky. If the monster is spawned correctly, it will appear a few blocks in front of the player. Be patient — the correct ones are at the end of the monster list. Vex is the last monster.


The ghosts command can be used after go has completed. This command will generate 10 ghosts, one at a time, with a brief wait after each one.


The pink thing above flashes on the screen when a ghost should be spawning. But, if you blink, you will not see it. I captured this figure by clipping a frame from a video. This thing looks kind of like a ghost, but pink? Really? And, ghosts may float away, but, as far as I know, they don’t flash briefly and disappear.

The Code

The code is show below. It is a simplification of the code in  Monster Showtime in MakeCode for Minecraft.

code all

The Code Assumes a Flat World

This code assumes a flat world such as that described in MakeCode for Minecraft Sandbox World: Make It Flat and Simple.

Get the Code

Missing Monster  code is shared on Code Connection at this URL


To get and use the code, follow these steps.

Click the Import button import button , which is upper right in the Code Connection window just below the banner. This will open the window shown below.
Import choices

Click the Import URL button Import URL, which is on the right, to open the window shown below.

Import Copy link

Paste the URL supplied for the program you want to use in the space under the text “Copy the URL …”
import url with url

Click the Go ahead! button go ahead button.

The next window you will see will be the MakeCode window with the code downloaded from the URL. At this point, you can treat it like any other code, e.g., run it, save it locally, modify it, publish your changes or whatever else your heat desires.

We have tested several other methods of downloading the code using the URL, for example, pasting the URL in a browser. No joy. For more detailed instruction see our post How to Use Shared MakeCode on Microsoft Code Connection for Minecraft.