25 MakeCode Programs Tested for Compatibility with both Minecraft for Windows 10 and Minecraft Education Edition

The Shared MakeCode for Minecraft on Windows 10 and Minecraft Education Edition  page now shows,  for each of our published programs, the compatibility test results as well as the link to the post describing the code and the link to the code as shown in the graphic below.


The first listed program has not been tested in Minecraft for Windows 10 because for the past 3 weeks I and others have not been able to connect or maintain a connection  to the Minecraft for Windows 10 server. We are sad, but waiting hopefully.

Only one program failed a test. Monster Showtime in MakeCode for Minecraft  did not operate correctly in Minecraft Education Edition. Only three of the monsters would spawn. The MakeCode for Minecraft Education Edition monster dialog is shown below.

monster dialog

Of the 24 monsters shown in the dialog only Shulker, Vindicator and Evoker would spawn.

You can verify this test by running Monster Showtime in MakeCode for Minecraft; however, this afternoon I will release a simpler test: Missing Monsters in MakeCode for Minecraft Education Edition.